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Elements of Earth

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone Earrings

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These Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings feature a beautiful wire wrap design. The earrings are made with high-quality Sterling Silver, ensuring durability and a stunning shine. The earring hooks are also made of Sterling Silver, providing comfort and security when worn.

The wire wrap on these earrings is crafted using silver copper wire, which is known for its non-tarnishing properties. This means that the earrings will maintain their lustrous appearance over time, without the need for constant polishing or cleaning.

The focal point of these earrings is the mesmerizing Moonstone gemstone. Moonstone is known for its ethereal glow and captivating play of colors, making each pair of earrings unique and enchanting. The herringbone wrap adds an intricate and elegant touch to the design, enhancing the overall beauty of the earrings.

These Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings with silver wire wrap are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and mystique to any outfit. Whether worn for a special occasion or as an everyday accessory, these earrings are sure to make a statement and become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.
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